A Platform for Defensive Design

Catch, patch and test security bugs

A git repository for each security lab

We have broken down complex security topics into individual labs. Each lab has its own git repository.

Fork, git clone, add, commit and push

You use the same tools that you are familiar. Follow the same process that you are accustomated.

A step by step guide to master the topic

Each lab has a Readme.adoc 📖 that contains a step by step guide to teach you how to find and patch the security bug.

You win when your build passes

The goal of each lab is to pass the build. To pass the build you need to effectively patch the program.

A security test that tells you what is wrong

Every lab has both usability and security tests that verify if your patch has not broken the program and is effective to address the security bug.

Don't stuck! compare your patch

There is a patch branch in each repository that contains a sample fix for the security bug.


Once you passed the tests, push your code up to get a green build mark! ✅

Congratulations! You can move to the next lab.

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