A Dev-Native Security Game

A Dev-native way of learning secure development. Even when you only have a few minutes to spare.

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Learn by Playing

Don't waste hours on reading or watching. Go hands-on!

Made For Developers

Learn security as if you build an app. Use your own IDE and tools. Run unit and integration tests to find the security defects.

SecDim Learn Platform

Real Incidents Simulated

Go beyond generic OWASP TOP 10 topics and dive into real issues. Our secure programming challenges are inpired by real security incidents. See if you could find and fix security vulnerabilities.

Learning content based on real life security incidents

Build Custom Challenges

Build your own secure programming challenges, and see how your peers solve them. We have made it easy to create and host a challenge.

Build Secure Programming Challenges using Play SDK

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Tune into hours of free labs, short courses and games

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