Dev-Native Attack & Defence Wargames

Put your security patch to the ultimate test within a safe playground. See how they score against security attacks.

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Experience the thrill of defending your code

Prepare your software for battle. Engage in our wargames to ensure your security patches are up to par

Seamless Integration

Utilise your own IDE and developer tools or leverage our Cloud Development Environment directly in your browser. Debug, patch and test your code as if you were building an app.

SecDim Learn Platform

The Most Diverse Collection

Explore an extensive array of challenges, covering everything from AI, GPT, GraphQL, React, Kubernetes, to even Web3. Test your skills against modern security vulnerabilities inspired by real-world issues.

The most diverse set of AppSec challenges and vulnerabilities

Attack & Defence

Discover weaknesses in fellow developers security patches as you push each other to the limits of secure programming skills.

Engage in security battles with fellow developers
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" SecDim's approach, which combines the offensive and defensive aspects of security vulnerabilities within a developer-centric wargame, is truly captivating. It effectively captures developers' interest and guides them not only in identifying security vulnerabilities but also in crafting the most robust security patches.
I highly recommend it ."

Csaba Peter, Product Security Manager, Atlassian


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A Hub for Aspiring Secure Software Engineers! Join us to inquire, share, and discuss all aspects of secure programming, wargames, CTFs, fuzzing, cloudsec, container security, code review, and hear what we are up to.

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The exciting monthly event to hunt and fix security vulnerabilities. In a social game, we team up to learn and tackle security vulnerabilities. Engage with like-minded people as you embark on your journey to strengthen software security.