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Master secure software design and programming skills and stand out to exciting security roles at top companies.

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If you are writing a security patch, you are doing "secure coding" incorrectly!

A Better Approach

It is ineffective to add patch after patch for each possible security vulnerability.

There is a better approach. Just imagine applying a design pattern that can immunise your code against many classes of security bugs at once.

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Git-based Labs

Step-by-step practical exercises to let you master every topic.

You are never stuck because your instructor will guide you through each step.

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Code Quality

We get it, you care deeply about your code quality and a tick-the-box course just won't cut it.

Our course is handcrafted from years of in field experience. We skill you up with effective methods to build robust and secure software.

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More Than a Workshop

Research has shown almost 60% of what we learn is forgotten within a week. But don't worry, we got you covered!

Based on scientific practice intervals, we give you practice schedule and mentorship to turn secure coding into a habit.

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Individual Assessment

Every one learns differently. We tailor the topics to make it easy and understandable for you.

Your instructor assesses your code and gives you feedback so you know your strengths and areas for improvement.

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Upcoming Workshops

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Defensive By Design

Snippets of defensive code from our graduates.

Wondering why they coded this way? Find out at one of our upcoming workshops.

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