There is a better way to engage devs in security

Get a tailored developer security training to make secure development a habit for your team.

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Tailored Developer Security Training

Instructor-led workshops, snap practices, individual feedback and team-wide secure programming games.

Private Secure Programming Game

Building a team wide secure programming habit requires continuous effort. By leveraging your private game on SecDim Play, we keep your team engaged in their software security.

Private secure programming games for development teams

Practice Labs

Your team has a limited time to spare on training and we don't want to waste it on unrelated topics. We curate a tailored list of private labs on what they should know. Labs are self-paced and can be accessed anytime on SecDim Learn.

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Instructor-led Workshop

Nothing can be more effective than face time with our qualified instructors to focus on training and park away work distractions. We customise your private workshop based on your team's tech-stack and skill level.

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"The Defensive Cloud Native App Workshop was a great introduction to practical application security for our engineering team. The focus on real world security vulnerabilities kept the training relevant to our day-to-day work and the gameified labs made it engaging and fun. A three-in-one investment in our security posture, our compliance obligations and most importantly, our team-members knowledge and skills."

Joshua Cunninghame, Security Architect, NAB (uBank)

NAB (uBank)

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They Build Defensive Apps

Code snippets from our graduates

They're aware of adverse impact of a quick patch. They find the root cause and apply a defensive design.

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